Developmental Support Plan (DSP) Cohort 3 (CLOSED GROUP)

Wednesday, February 9 - Thursday, March 31

Time: varies

Developmental Support Plan (DSP) Training

Cohort 3 Dates: 

February 9 - March 31, 2022 plus 3 coaching sessions April 2022

(see below for more details)

About Developmental Support Plan (DSP)

Participants will learn how to use the results of the developmental screen, observations and caregiver report to create a DSP unique to each child. DSPs are strength-based and age-appropriate for each particular child, and unique to the needs of the family. They can be used throughout professional practice to enhance interactions between a parent and child.

Training Objectives:

  • to increase knowledge and skill that directly impacts the work practitioners do with young children under the age of 6 and their parents/caregivers.
  • enhance knowledge and skill in the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and follow up.
  • increase the capacity of an agency to recognize and respond to early concerns about a child’s development.
  • provide a concrete method and resources for following up ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 with families
  • Access to the Hand in Hand and Nurturing the Seed resources included in the training

Training Pathways and Prerequisite

Stream 2 – for team members who work directly with families

Prerequisite: Full ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 training, with a certified instructor

  • We strongly suggest AHVNA ASQ training, as the focus is on relationship-based practice and topics will support the DSP learning. It will be a good review if it has been a while since you took training as it will provide an update on the new versions.
  • If you have any questions about this, connect with AHVNA or info@ahvna.o
  1. Attend a half-hour orientation – live online
  2. Complete the new 3-4 hour Infant and Early Mental Health (IEMH) Basics 101 on the Infant and Early Mental Health Promotion (IEMHP, formerly IMHP) website
    • this is free on their webpage
    • you can also join one of AHVNA’s Watch Parties!
  3. Complete a 2-hour self-paced Introduction to Ages and Stages seminar
  4. Complete Part A – Self-directed ASQ Learning Activity prior to ASQ Coaching
    • Participate in Part B – 1.5-hour ASQ Coaching Session - live online
  5. Complete 1.5-hour self-paced Introduction to Developmental Support Plan seminar
  6. Complete Part A – Self-directed DSP Learning Activity Prior to DSP Coaching
    • Participate in Part B - 1.5-hour DSP Coaching Session - live online
  7. Ongoing Coaching sessions – 3 live online sessions

Stream 1 – for agency leadership who do not work directly with families

        Complete Prerequisite, 1, 2, 3, and 5 above only

Frontline staff members can only be trained in DSP if at least one direct supervisor is trained. We encourage all leadership to participate to better understand and support staff.


  • All steps MUST be completed in the order above to both use the DSP and to receive a certificate (it is a certificate of completion rather than attendance)
  • Each cohort has their own timeline with specific deadlines for self-directed tasks and dates for coaching sessions. You will receive a written pathway to follow prior to your cohort beginning
  • Please submit an ASQ and ASQ:SE certificate prior to beginning the DSP training

Virtual Training and Coaching Expectations

  • Self directed learning and activities must be complete prior to the corresponding coaching
  • There will be work to complete on your own between each coaching session
  • Virtual coaching sessions are interactive, not webinars, each participant must have access to a camera, microphone and internet
    • Cameras must be on and microphones available throughout coaching sessions

Who Should Attend:

  • Alberta Home Visitation Spoke team members and leadership


Alberta Home Visitation Spokes: Free of Charge - fee covered under a Provincial grant

Dates for Cohort 3

“Week of” means attendees will have several timeslots to choose from, during that week when they are invited to create a learner’s profile on the IMEHP website.  Must Register with AHVNA first




 January 10th

February 25th, 2022





Registration Deadline

January 24, 2022

ASQ Training

Prior to January 24th

Orientation (about 30 minutes)

Between February 9th & 10th

IMH Basics 101 (about 4 hours)

Two weeks From Feb 14th to Feb 24th

ASQ Self Directed (about 2.5 hours)

From Feb 14th to March 1st

ASQ Coaching (about 1.5 hours)

Between March 1st & March 10th

DSP Self Directed (about 2.5 hours)

From March 10th to March 21st

DSP Coaching (about 1.5 hours)

Between March 21st & March 31st

Close Training 

Week of April 8th

Ongoing Coaching (about 3 hours)

April 6, 13, 20, 2022

Cost: FREE with Preregistration

Register For Event!

Advance registration is required for all participants.

For more information or to register contact the AHVNA office
9321 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton AB T5H 3T7
Phone: 780-429-4787
Fax: 780-429-4784

Payment: We accept payment by credit, cash or cheque.
Please make cheques payable to:
Alberta Home Visitation Network Association

Payments may be dropped off at the office or mailed to the address listed above prior to the workshop date. Receipts will be issued after the workshop.

Cancellation Policy:
We encourage you to send a substitute if you are unable to attend the workshop, as there is a NO SHOW charge for all absent registrants (as we will have made arrangements for food, etc). Cancellations need to be made ONE WEEK prior to the workshop date. Registration fees are non-refundable. Should a workshop not reach its minimum registration requirement, it will be cancelled ONE WEEK prior to the workshop commencement date. Registrants will be informed by email or telephone, and registration fees will be refunded.