Hard Times and Healing: A Resilience Framework for Domestic Violence and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)(Nisku)

Thursday, October 17 - Thursday, October 17
Coast Nisku Inn and Conference Centre(east of Edmonton International Airport)1101-4 StreetNisku, AB

Time: 8:30-4:30 pm

Day Two (of the AHVNA Symposium)

Hard Times and Healing: A Resilience Framework for Domestic Violence and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

We know more than ever before about how to help children and families exposed to violence and other adversities. This skill-based workshop addresses Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) using a healing-centered approach that focuses on strengths and resilience-building skills. Dr. Chamberlain begins with an interactive discussion of why having a plan to prevent compassion fatigue and promote vicarious resilience is the first building block of being trauma-informed.  She uses creative visual aids to demonstrate the predictable and preventable effects of toxic stress on the brain and body. Participants will learn practical strategies to promote self-regulation and healing for children, youth and adults.  Resources, including an online toolkit, will be highlighted.

1. Describe the pathway of stress in the brain.

  1. List three commonly observed physical, mental, cognitive and/or behavioral health effects of childhood exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences.

3. Discuss the role of resilience in buffering the effects of stress and trauma.

4. Demonstrate two resilience-building strategies for children and/or caregivers.

5. Identify three resources that would be useful to clients and/or your organization.

Dr Linda Chamberlain PH.D. MPH

Scientist, author, professor, dog musher, and founder of the Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project, Dr. Linda Chamberlain has worked in the field of childhood and adult trauma for over two decades.  Known for her abilities to translate science into practical strategies with diverse audiences, she is an internationally recognized keynote speaker who conveys a message of hope.  Her current focus is on a healing-centered framework with a strong emphasis on brain-body strategies to address how stress is stored in our bodies and our natural instinct to heal.   A trainer with Capacitar, an international network for well-being and transforming trauma, she is trained in a wide range of practices that use breathwork, movement, meditation, visualization, HeartMath, iRest and other techniques to promote resilience, self-regulation and healing.  Her highly interactive, skill-based presentations highlight simple tools that are appropriate for children, youth and adults.  An important application of her work is preventing compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma among service providers exposed to the suffering of others in a broad range of settings.   Dr. Chamberlain taught at the University of Alaska and earned public health degrees from Yale School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University.  Recognition for her work includes a Scientist Scholar with the Fulbright Arctic Initiative, a National Kellogg Leadership Fellowship, an Alaska Women of Achievement Award and the Inaugural Scattergood Foundation Scholar on Child Behavioral Health.  


Date: Thursday, October 17, 2019 (register by October 2, 2019)

Time: 8:30-4:30 p.m.


Coast Nisku Inn and Conference Centre (east of the Edmonton International Airport)

1101-4 Street

Nisku, AB


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