What is Home Visitation?

In Alberta, community home visitation programs are offered to parents and parents-to-be as a support in raising children to be healthy, safe and secure.

Home visitation focuses on strengthening and supporting families by:

  •   building relationships
  •   teaching problem-solving skills
  •   encouraging positive parent-child relationships
  •   supporting early child growth and development

Early childhood development literature clearly demonstrates the years between zero to six are foundational years. Early developmental experiences set lifelong patterns related to communication, physical development, and learning. 

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How AHVNA Helps Families

Home visitors meet with families regularly, often weekly, in the parent’s home to enhance parenting knowledge and skills, to provide support and listen to issues affecting their family. They provide information on child development and child health as well as activities that promote parent/child bonding and attachment. Home visitors also help families access other community supports.

Why does Home Visitation work?

  •   Home visitation provides an opportunity to work in the family environment, to learn first hand about the conditions of life for the parent and child and to tailor services to best meet their needs.
  •   Home visitation reaches isolated families that are unable to participate in other services.